Are You Using the Right Tires for Your Lawn & Garden Equipment?

If you are an avid gardener, you take pride in the landscape that surrounds your house. Your regular maintenance and attention to detail pay off with a beautiful lawn and garden. You likely use walkways or stepping stones for foot traffic and wouldn't dream of driving across your yard. But, let's face it, wheels have their place in every landscaping and gardening job. Your lawn mower, wheelbarrow, tractor, hand truck, and garden trailer all have wheels. So how do you keep them from destroying your hard work? Choose the right tires.

The Right Balance

The tires you choose for garden equipment must achieve a perfect balance of getting the job done without destroying the landscape. There are a few important factors that work together to accomplish this feat. 

  • Size - Finding the right size replacement tire for most of your garden equipment is usually as simple as learning the size that came from the manufacturer. However, sometimes a change in tire size can upgrade performance or increase traction for unique terrain. If your current tires aren't satisfactory, you should consult a professional to learn the reason.

  • Tread - Buying tires with the deepest tread might seem like a good way to ensure traction and durability. However, those tires might not produce the results you want on delicate grass or garden soil. The right tread on your tires can provide adequate traction, avoid digging up the turf, and provide durability to withstand difficult terrain.

  • Stability - Safety is key in riding lawn and garden equipment. The right tires play an important role in achieving the balance you need. The right width, size, and traction for your terrain are vital to prevent slipping and roll-over accidents. It is equally important to consider the thickness or ply to prevent dangerous blow-outs.

Finding What You Need

Finding the right tires for your garden equipment might not be as easy as replacing tires on your car. If you are unsatisfied with your current tire performance or have questions about your unique terrain needs, it is important to talk to a professional who specializes in tires for equipment. TireGet is a unique website that allows customers to research, ask questions, and purchase tires in one place. If you have questions about choosing the right tires for your equipment, visit us today.

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