Foreign vs. Domestic Tires—Import Tire Quality

If you are shopping around to buy trailer tires online, you are probably the type of person that wants to make sure you are getting a good deal and value, but, also looking for quality product. At TireGet, we hear all kinds of questions and opinions about where to find the highest quality tires for the best value. Some people bring up the foreign versus domestic tires debate when it comes to ST radial tires. Here is what we think.

Domestic Tires Myth

You may be surprised to find that many American brands might have manufacturing outside the US and are imported. According to UTires, a compilation of articles on all things tires, the only truly American tires left are Goodyear and Cooper. This takes your selection way down, especially if you are looking for ST Radial Trailer Tires or tires in general. The truth is that the majority of tires are manufactured overseas for import to the US markets.

ST Radial Trailer Tires

When it comes to ST radial trailer tires, even most American companies manufacture outside the U.S. The fact is the cost is just lower, which ends up being good for you as the consumer. Not to mention, our customers are hard on their vehicles, whether that is the ATV you take up to the mountains or the trailer that goes back and forth to the lake all summer. Our customers need quality tires for all their work and play. We see time and time again that means imported tires with high value and high quality to best serve our market demands.

Even Spend Edge, a firm that creates reports comparing product in major industries (among other things) agrees that 4 of the top 5 leading tire brands are foreign brands, with the exception of Goodyear. To read the entire report, check out the link in our sources below.

If you are shopping around online for ST tires, you will find foreign tires are more often than not the better way to go. If you are a die-hard shop USA fan, don't stress. There are plenty of other ways you can support local manufacturing. You want to make sure you put the best tires of your special vehicles for work and play.



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