How's the Ride on Your Car, Golf Cart, or ATV?

Whether you are commuting to work, playing golf on the weekend, or spending some time off-roading, how each vehicle performs is important. Tires are a vital piece of equipment. Without good quality tires, you may discover that your ride is uncomfortable and your vehicle is difficult to manage. When it comes to quality performance, it's time to look at solid maintenance strategies to keep your vehicle running well.

Good tires give your vehicle a solid grip on the ground and provide you with an even, balanced ride. When a tire is low or worn, this can cause performance issues with your vehicle. A shaking steering wheel or a tendency to pull to one side or another while driving can mean that you need new tires for your vehicle.

If you are riding on wet surfaces or uneven terrain, good tires can make the difference between having fun and getting stranded. Tires that are worn don't have the same grip on the road surface and can cause you to slip unexpectedly. Tires that aren't up to the job of going off road can make your trip dangerous and leave you in the middle of nowhere with a damaged tire.

To get the most out of your vehicle, good tires will optimize the performance. Signs that you need new tires include:

  • A worn surface on your tire where a penny will no longer stay between the treads. 
  • A bulging tire.
  • A tire that slowly leaks and needs to be filled consistently.
  • When your car or golf cart is veering to one side because of uneven tire wear.
  • Your tires or more than a few years old and have never been replaced.

When you want your vehicle to run well and you want to stay safe, get the tires checked periodically to check for wear and tear. TireGet is ready to help you find the tires you need for your car, ATV or golf cart to keep you safe while you travel.

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