Improve Your Off Road Adventure

Are you searching for ways to improve your off road adventure experience? The right vehicle and the right tires can make a difference. Narrowing down those two variables is a challenge, but here are 4 suggestions to keep in mind.


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Though this model was released in the early 2000's, it is still one of the best off road vehicles you can get your hands on. It features one of the best suspension systems, axle and wheel combinations for taking on rugged terrain ever designed. 

Best Tire:

Forerunner MARS AT

The deep lugs and directional tread pattern on this tire allows it perform admirably on loose terrain. It is great at slinging mud away from your vehicle and travels smoothly on hardpack surfaces as well.


Ford F-150

It is hard to beat a Ford truck for off road towing and for those who want some extra cargo space. The lightweight body featured on the F-150 make it a solid choice for navigating steep terrain without flipping and its gear ratios, whether standard or automatic, are well suited for the off road experience. 

Best Tire:

Delium Terra Frontier AT

This tire features an optimized tread footprint for better performance on road and off road. Its tread and shoulder design provide excellent traction. This is an aggressive, rugged tire with a balance void ratio to meet all terrain demands.


Toyota 4runner TRD Pro

When it comes to affordable SUV's for off-roading, the Toyota 4runner is a top choice. Its rear suspension and traction make it a safer choice for those who like to carry their family along on their off road adventure. 

Best Tire:

Maxxis Bravo AT-771

When you are in an SUV, you want a premium all-terrain tire when you go off road. The multi-pitch tread pattern of this tire makes it a great choice for on road and off road performance. Its tread stiffness helps to enhance the overall stability of this tire and its staggered shoulder lug design helps you get better traction off road.


Land Rover LR4

Our list wouldn't be complete if we left out luxury off-roading. The Land Rover LR4 is at the top of its class among luxury SUVs. Besides providing a comfortable interior, the LR4 features a 4-wheel drive system that automatically adjusts to the various terrain features you will encounter off road. This feature provides greater safety on inclines and over rocky surfaces. 

Best Tire:

Kumho Road Venture AT51

World-class traction in mud and snow off road, along with a surprisingly comfortable ride on the highway, make this a quality all-terrain tire for a luxury SUV. Its on road and off road balance rivals most touring tires, allowing you to ride in luxury even off road.


You may agree with our selection of vehicles and tires, or have some suggestions of your own. Regardless of the off road vehicle you prefer, let the experts at TireGet help you select the very best tires to improve your off road adventure.

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