What the Tread on Your Tires Can Tell You About the Condition of Your Vehicle

Most every driver knows that bald tires pose a significant danger and could lead to an accident, especially in inclement weather. But, many don't understand how having a keen eye for the wear patterns on tires can give you a better indication of how well your tires are gripping the...


Red and Yellow Dots on My Tire: What Do They Mean?

When looking at a tire that is brand new or recently installed, you may notice on the sidewall a pair of yellow and red dots. These dots are placed on the tire by the manufacturer to help guide the proper placement when mounting on the wheel. Two methods exist to ensure that the tires are mounted correctly, the weight method and the uniformity method.

Why Does Proper Tire Rotation Matter?

You already know that vehicles need routine maintenance such as oil changes. Did you also know part of maintenance on any vehicle is the proper rotation of tires? The proper rotation of your tires every few thousand miles is important for the longevity of your tires and unnecessary financial burden. ...


A New Exclusive Partnership Between TireGet and Tire Partners of Texas

Tire Partners of Texas has chosen to join TireGet as their exclusive supplier in Dallas, Texas. Together, they offer their customers the highest level of convenience and are helping to reach millions of retail buyers with online sales that are only a single click away.

Tire Safety

Handling The Pressure Of A Tire Blowout Signs of tire blowouts litter the sides of highways and roads, igniting dread in most people. The idea of suddenly losing control of a vehicle at high speeds (or any speed) is unsettling, and rightfully so. Blowouts cause 11,000 accidents and 200 fatalities ...

The Danger of a Tire Bubble

A bubble in your tire is an accident waiting to happen. Unlike minor tread wear, a bubble signifies serious damage has occurred to your tire. When the interior tire lining has been damaged, air is allowed to leak out and create a bubble. The strength of the tire has been ...


Are You Using the Right Tires for Your Lawn & Garden Equipment?

If you are an avid gardener, you take pride in the landscape that surrounds your house. Your regular maintenance and attention to detail pay off with a beautiful lawn and garden. You likely use walkways or stepping stones for foot traffic and wouldn't dream of driving across your yard. But, ...

Off-Roading 101

A few things in life are as fun as the thrill of taking your vehicle off-road. However, there are a few things you want to take into consideration before you veer off the asphalt, so things don't make a turn for the worse. All-terrain tires versus off-road tires When preparing ...


New Tires vs. Used Tires: Are the Savings Worth It?

Budgets are tight and most people do everything they can to save money wherever they can. Choosing used tires instead of new tires is one way of cutting expenses on your vehicles. However, are the savings worth it? There are advantages and disadvantages to both new and used tires. Advantages ...

Truck Tires Consideration

Your truck is your pride and joy. You have spent a great deal of money on customizations, all the way from the brush guard, and sound system to the lift. The tires you choose to put on your truck will make all the difference. There are many different styles of ...

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