Places to go in Texas for Off-Roading Adventure

Get out and on the trails!

Undoubtedly, few states offer the same opportunities for off-roading than the great state of Texas. ATV riding in Texas is right at your fingertips with opportunities all over the state. Knowing where to go and what is available can sometimes be a challenge though. Well, you don't have to worry, because we're ready with some awesome ideas for your next off-roading experience. 

Public Lands

The Texas Parks and Wildlife website highlights some great opportunities for off-roading all over the state. A $16 decal is all that is required to take full advantage of any of these parks and get started ATV riding in Texas. Northeast Texas residents may head over to Eisenhower State Park in Denison, where ATVs and motorcycles alike can take advantage of public off-roading. If you are in the same neck of the woods, try the Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport where a wider variety of OHV is permitted. 

South Central Texas offers several venues as well, such as Mud Buddies ATV Park in Hallettsville, or Emma Long City Park in Austin. Southeast Texas residents will find opportunities in the Sam Houston National Forest in New Waverly, or the Rio Bravo MX Park in Houston. In West Texas, you can check out San Felipe Park in Fabens. These places and more offer public off-roading adventure. Just secure your OHV decal and get started. 

Private Parks

Often when ATV riding in Texas, riders will be looking for something different. According to USA Today, Private parks charge a higher fee, but will often offer a somewhat different experience with opportunities for all kinds of skilled riders. For instance, the Sabine ATV park in East Texas has more than 3,000 acres of off-roading opportunity with trails for mudding, water passes and more. Admission won't break the bank and it will offer a lot of enjoyment for a day of off-roading. 

Regardless of where you go or what you do, ATV riding in Texas is a true adventure.  Consider that you may have the best ATV on the market, but the tires you use are essential. A Value Brand ATV/UTV tire or Transporter series STV Radial Trailer tire can make your off-roading experience safer and far more enjoyable. So get geared-up, loaded-up and hit the road to an amazing spot for a day or more of great off-roading excitement in Texas!



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