When it comes to vehicle maintenance, the tires are often overlooked. You know it's important to keep them full of air and fix any flats, but did you know taking care of your tires in other ways can help improve their longevity? Just a few simple tire maintenance tips can help your tires last for up to ten years – way beyond the average shelf life.

Tire Rotation

To keep your tires lasting a long time, it is crucial to rotate them on a regular basis. In fact, Motorist.org recommends the tires should be rotated every six months to keep them in top condition. As you drive, the weight is distributed unevenly amongst your tires. Often, the front tires will see more wear and tear than the back ones because the front tires are bearing the weight of the engine and steering components. Without rotation, you'll be replacing the front tires more often, costing you a lot of extra money.

Clear Debris Often

Keeping your tires clear of debris will not only increase their lifespan but will also make daily driving safer. Once a week, do a visual inspection of your tires to check for any nails, heavy mud, or leaves. If you've been driving a long distance or in heavy rain or snow, or have gone off-roading, check your tires as soon as you are at your destination. Be sure to clear any heavy mud, leaves, or snow to the best of your ability. All of these can work their way into the wheel-well; after time, they can throw off the alignment, causing safety concerns. If you see a nail or anything else stuck in your tire, be sure to take it to a professional. They can assess the best way to remove it and fix the tire; often, it's a simple, inexpensive fix.

Check your Tire Tread Regularly

Tire tread should be at least 2/32 of an inch to safely drive on. The best way to check is to do the "quarter test"; put a quarter into the tread of the tire with Washington's head facing down. If you can see his whole head, it's time to replace your tires. Checking your tires regularly will allow to keep track of their wear and be able to plan for when you need new tires.

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