Tire Tread Patterns, Let Us Help Decide The Right Tire For You

In your grandpa's day, a quick kick to check the air was about all the attention tires got. But let's face it, we ask more of our tires now than he did back then. From that stop and go commute over potholes, to that weekend trek to the great outdoors, we tend to travel more often and go farther distances. Often, we do it all in the same vehicle.

Luckily, tire technology has kept up with times and there are many options out there for the discerning consumer. Understanding these options can be confusing, and even if you understand the terminology, the research eats up time that could be spent living that busy life you enjoy. Here at TireGet, we are here to help. Consumers can research, ask questions, and even order your new set of tires from one convenient website.

Circumferential Treads vs Radial Tread Blocks

Circumferential treads are arranged in a straight line around the circumference of the tire, and disperse water by cutting through it, whereas radial treads run across the tire, or often from the middle to the outside of the tread, increasing the grip.

With lower resistance to the road, circumferential treads give a smoother quieter ride and provide good water disbursement in the rain, but are at a disadvantage in snow, dirt or uneven terrain. Highway tread and many All Season tires are circumferential tread.

Radial tread tires provide more options by helping deter hydroplaning in the rain, and giving better traction off pavement or in the snow. All Terrain, and Mud Tires are in this category of tire with the space between tread or the "tread void" the difference between each style.

The takeaway being if need traction in snow or dirt, you should bypass circumferential patterns and go for radial tires with more bite. If a quiet ride on the highway is your top concern then start your search with a good circumferential style tire, but remember that depending on the tread pattern radial tires can still offer a smooth quiet ride.

Though many factors such as quality of the rubber compound effect durability, it is a general rule that the more aggressive the pattern, the faster wear. This means highway and all tread patterns tires typically last longer, but only under proper care and standard driving conditions.

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