Transporter Trailer Tires: Choosing the Right Tire at the Right Time

High quality trailer tires are essential for the trouble-free operation of your trailer. Whether you use your trailer for business or pleasure, your trailer tires are subjected to tremendous stresses; therefore, understanding how your trailer tires fail and when to replace them, how to choose the right tire, and how to maintain your trailer tires will save you time and money. 

When to replace your trailer tires (or how I ruined them in the first place)

Visual inspection of tires is a good habit to acquire, a habit that will save you time and money. Tires wear out and when they do, replace them! There are treadwear indicators on all tires and they are there to tell you the tread is worn and it is time to go on line to and buy new tires. If the tire has less 1/16 inches of tread depth, REPLACE THE TIRE! 

The challenge with trailer tires is they often need replacement BEFORE the tread is worn down to the wear indicators. Not cool! A little preventive maintenance and choosing the RIGHT TIRE in the first place will help extend the tread life of your trailer tire saving you time and money.

 Trailer tires must be removed prematurely for the following reasons:

  • Bald Spotting

Bald spotting on tires (a flat spot) occurs when your trailer sits in one position for a long time creating a flat or “bald” spot on the tread. This condition is most associated with the bias style tires that may have come as original equipment on your trailer when you purchased it.

Why did your trailer manufacturer install bias tires on your trailer? Simple: bias tires are a lower cost version of the trailer tire. While we stock and sell these lower cost bias tires if you want them, we recommend you purchase the more modern, higher quality, and cost efficient Transporter Specialty Trailer Radial tires. Radials go a long way to minimizing bald spotting; but, please still move your trailer and MAINTAIN THE RECOMMENDED AIR PRESSURE as indicated on the tire sidewall at all times.

On average, trailer tires can lose about 1.5 to 3.5 PSI of air pressure every 30 days; therefore, always check your tires INFLATION PRESSURE before and after every trip. Maintaining the recommended air pressure is your best strategy for getting the most out of your trailer tire purchase.

  • Belt Breakage due to Overload and/or Under Inflation

It’s the first beautiful weekend in spring. You just can’t wait to get to the lake to open your cabin and wet a line. You load everything you need into your boat. You speed off; only… you forgot to check the air pressure on your trailer tires and, well, who really pays attention to the maximum load the trailer and tires can carry?

And there you are, stuck on the side of the road with a broken tire. That local tire dealer is waiting for you. If you weren’t in such a hurry to get to the lake, you would never let that “out in the middle of nowhere” dealer charge you that kind of money!

Inside the tire are belts that can break from overloading and under inflation. So here again is that wisdom our mothers taught us: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. CHECK AND MAINTAIN THE RECOMMENDED AIR PRESSURE. And, don’t exceed the maximum weight your trailer and tires can handle.

We suggest you try the Transporter Specialty Trailer Radial. This is OUR tire, manufactured to our standards and built to minimize belt breakage due to overload and/or under inflation. The Transporter’s belts are wrapped by a high-quality nylon overlay that is engineered to shrink around the belts to protect them and maintain your tire. Please still check and maintain the recommended air pressure, do not to overload your trailer; and, let the Transporter’s high-quality nylon overlay protect your tire and extend its life.

  • Broken beads

The bead is the part of your tire which connects the tire to the wheel; and wow, this part of your tire takes a lot of stress. Put enough stress on a bead and it breaks, just like when you move a paper clip back and forth until it heats up and breaks.

Most trailer tires have “passenger type” beads. These beads are less costly and are more likely to break when (here it comes again) the recommended air pressure is not maintained or your trailer is overloaded. We have manufactured your Transporter Specialty Trailer Radial with a HEAVY CHAFER BEAD, the same kind of bead that goes on a commercial truck tire you see on the heavy trucks running on the highway.

The Transporter heavy chafer bead is the optimally engineered bead for your trailer tire. The Transporter is engineered to perform in the most stressful commercial applications.

  • Punctures from road debris

It’s simple:  the right tread design minimizes punctures while the wrong design is more likely to be punctured. The Transporter Specialty Trailer Radial tread is designed to minimize punctures and downtime.

When buying your new Transporter Specialty Trailer Radial, please first check the information about your trailer. How many pounds can you haul? What is the rating on your trailer which is known as Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)? The GVWR tells you how much weight your trailer can safely haul. It is never recommended exceeding the GVWR. GVWR ratings are specific for your trailer and for good reason. Over loading your trailer by surpassing the GVWR can cause tire failure, brake failure, or even axel failure.

Choosing your correct Transporter Specialty Trailer Radial starts with determining your tire’s correct size and load rating. The size of your tire can be found on the sidewall of your tire. Use the following equation to determine the necessary load rating of your tire:


GVWR ÷ number of tires on your trailer = Tire Load


Once you have your correct size and load rating, please come to and purchase your Transporter Specialty Trailer Radial. We have engineered the Transporter to be the very best trailer tire available. The Transporter trailer tire is the best tire because it will perform when other tires fail.


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