Maxxis International is a manufacturing company that specializes in high-performance tires. Using innovative technology and high-quality materials, Maxxis has been a popular choice among laborers, adventurers, and commuters alike.

The History of Maxxis International

Maxxis began nearly 5 decades ago and has been creating high-quality products ever since. What started out as a bicycle-tire manufacturing company in Taiwan has become an international sensation. The company quickly became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the entire world, expanding into various other tire markets all over the globe. 

With more than 30,000 employees worldwide, with distribution markets in around 180 countries, Maxxis International is one of the most trusted tire-makers in the industry.

Maxxis Products and Service

In 1967, when Maxxis first opened its manufacturing doors, the company strictly made bicycle tires. Decades later and Maxxis has expanded their products and services to include tires for light trucks, automotive vehicles, ATVs, trailers, lawn and garden equipment, motorcycles, karts, and bicycles.

Whether it's for off-roading, commuting to and from work, competition, or fun, Maxxis has tires that can get the job done. Taking advantage of their 5 advanced research facilities, Maxxis uses highly-trained professionals to create the most technologically-advanced tires on the market. These tires are rigorously tested on Maxxis' proving grounds before making it to the customer's hands. 

Maxxis International is unlike other tire manufacturers in the world. The company designs and manufacturers each one of their tires from the ground up. From design to testing and production, Maxxis ensures their tires elevate every customer's ride. Athletes, professionals, and amateurs alike continue to come back to Maxxis for their high-quality, high-performance tires, as well as their amazing OEM supply.

The Future of Maxxis

Though Maxxis International has grown exponentially since its founding, the company has no plans on slowing down. They are already planning expansion within the company, opening research and development centers in Shanghai and Taiwan. They have taken heed of environmental concerns around the globe and have dedicated themselves to creating "Maxxis Green" tires that provide better fuel consumption and durability.

With numerous awards, honors, and accolades under their belt, Maxxis International plans to make good use of their top-notch engineers, chemists, and manufacturers to create new and innovative tires that stand the test of time.