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Size: AT25x10 12 - PLY: 6/C
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Product ID: K825020

The Forerunner Mars is a 6-ply rated tire which compound was formulated with more natural rubber for its adaptable properties. Directional traction tread spikes were added for ultimate grip and durability in a wide range of terrain: light mud, dirt, gravel, and hard pack. Each lug is dimpled with more biting edges for better traction and stability. A surprisingly aggressive tread pattern means the Forerunner Mars offers a great experience no matter what type of terrain you’re looking to dominate.

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Rounded Shoulder Design
  • Improved Steering and Lateral Support When Turning
  • Improved Cornering in Mud and Soft Terrain
Optimized Net to Gross Ground Contact
  • Balanced Shoulder to Center Wear
  • Optimized Floatation
Directional Tread Design
  • Improved Driving Traction and Grip
V Block Centerline Lugs
  • Enhanced Mud Traction
  • Improved Performance in Sand and Loose Terrain
Stone Ejector
  • Resistant to Retention of Stones and Mud


Brand Forerunner
Product ID K825020
Section Width 25
Aspect Ratio 10
Wheel Diameter 12
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 16
Pattern Mars
Safety & Performance
Load Index
Speed Rating -
Carrying Capacity 6/C
Max Load 420


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