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Size: 235/75R17.5 - PLY: 16/H
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Product ID: B301521

Designed for long-haul applications, the Boto BT926 tire for steer and trailer wheel positions delivers long mileage and durable service. It features a rib tread pattern with solid shoulders that enhance surface contact to minimize wear. The straight ribs reduce rolling resistance for higher fuel efficiency while siping enhances grip on wet surfaces. The tread design also minimizes noise, and in wet conditions, grooves expel water from the contact patch to increase hydroplaning resistance.

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5 Rib Center Rib Tread Design
  • All Position Application
  • Even Tread Pressure Distribution
  • Balanced Shoulder to Center Wear
Advanced 4 Belt Construction
  • Even and Balanced Treadwear
  • Superior Tread Stability for Improved Treadwear and Fuel Economy
  • Superior Resistance to Penetration
  • Retread Casing Warranty
Advanced Groove Cross-Section Design
  • Reduced Stone Holding
  • Minimized Stone Drilling Damage
  • Extended Service Life
Stone Ejector Groove Design
  • Superior Reduction in Stone Holding
Solid Shoulder Rib
  • Reduced Shoulder Scalloping and Even Wear in All Application
Interior Rib Edge Siping
  • Enhanced Rib Stability in Free Roll Steer and Trail Position
  • Reduced Shoulder Scalloping in High Scrub Applications
Straight Rib Tread Design
  • Improved Tracking and Reduced Wander for Line Haul Highway Driving
18/32nds Tread Depth
  • Extended Tread Life in All Positions


Brand Boto
Product ID B301521
Section Width 235
Aspect Ratio 75
Wheel Diameter 17.5
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 17
Pattern BT926
Safety & Performance
Load Index 132/130
Speed Rating M
Carrying Capacity 16/H
Max Load 4409/4189


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