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Size: 245/70R19.5
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Product ID: TG-21D4ABFF-416C

Cachland Tires are renowned for their exceptional load carrying capabilities and tread life. Especially designed to reduce rolling resistance, improve fuel economy and promote long lasting wear, the Cachland Specialty Trailer Radial tire is the right choice to get your precious cargo to its destination. Super high tensile steel belts deliver maximum durability. Its radial construction provides a flexible sidewall, and greater contact with the road.

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Features and Benefits

5 Rib Center Rib Tread Design
  • All Position Application
  • Even Tread Pressure Distribution
Advanced 3 Belt Construction
  • Balanced Shoulder to Center Wear
  • Even and Balanced Tread-wear
Advanced Groove Cross Section Design
  • Reduced Weight for Improved Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Stone Holding
Circumferential Shoulder Rib Sipes
  • Minimized Stone Drilling Damage
  • Extended Service Life
  • Reduced Shoulder Scalloping in HighScrub Applications
Interior Rib Edge Siping
  • Enhanced Rib Stability in Free RollSteer and Trail Position
  • Reduced Shoulder Scalloping in HighScrub Applications
Right/Left/Right Layout of Center Ribs
  • Improved Tracking and Reduced Wander for Line Haul Highway Driving


Brand Cachland
Product ID TG-21D4ABFF-416C
MPN CH104796
UPC Not Specified
Width 245
Aspect Ratio 70
Wheel Diameter 19.5
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 16/32
Pattern CH 111
Safety & Performance
Performance Highway
Season All Season
Load Index 135/133
Speed Rating L
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Load Range H (16 Ply)
Max Load 4806/4542


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