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Size: 235/70R17
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Product ID: TG-B59096B6-4358

The BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A Tour is an all season touring tire manufactured for SUV and crossover vehicles. This model has a warranty of 60,000 miles.

Excellent all weather traction is guaranteed with this model. The tire grips the road well in dry, wet and winter conditions, thanks to the specially placed sipes in the tread pattern. The tire does not lose its good traction in winter weather. The tread grooves in the pattern eliminate water from below the tire's footprint, which enhances its resistance to hydroplaning.

This model was manufactured with the Equal TEnsion Containment or ETEC System, which provides better control over the tire. It maximizes the tire's road contact patch, keeping constant contact with the road which, along with the center rib in the tread pattern, enhances the tire's steering precision and responsiveness. The accurate and swift steering allows the driver to handle the tire with ease. The ETEC System also helps the tire maintain its shape and prevent deformity from the driving pressure.

The reinforced internal structure of the tire provides extra strength and durability at high speeds, even under slightly higher loads. This makes the tire more versatile and capable of performing for the different needs of the driver.

The Long Trail T/A Tour reduces the road noise heard in the cabin and lessens the vibrations felt by the passengers. This is made possible by the tire’s maximized contact with the road, which helps channel the soundwaves through the tire's footprint. This way, the tire offers a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
Precise Controllability
Low Noise Levels


Brand BFGoodrich
Product ID TG-B59096B6-4358
MPN 843
UPC Not Specified
Width 235
Aspect Ratio 70
Wheel Diameter 17
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 12/32
Pattern Long Trail T/A Tour
Safety & Performance
Performance Highway
Season All Season
Load Index 108
Speed Rating T
Treadlife 60,000
Run Flat No
Load Range XL
Max Load Not Specified


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