Motor Trends "Week To Wheelin'" Recap Featuring Terra Raider MT Tires

TireGet recently had the opportunity to be an official tire sponsor for Motor Trends and Four Wheeler Magazine's "Week To Wheelin'". TireGet's exclusive Terra Raider MT tire by Delium was the featured tire used. 

Day One

All of the components were ready for the team at the beginning of day one. By the end of the day, the suspension and brakes were assembled along with the new Terra Raider MT tires from TireGet installed.

Day Two

The mechanics' main focus on day two was the engine and transmission. Once these were complete, they lowered the body onto the frame to be sure it was a perfect fit. They then finished the day out with the steering column, brake pedals, master cylinders, and finally the headers. 

Day Three

Divide and conquer was the idea for day three. The team split off with some working on the interior and others on the engine parts. Then, the teams got busy making modifications to the trackbar and transmission cross member. They also got as much wiring, measuring, and adjusting done as possible.

Day Four

By day four, the end is in sight. The ignition system, battery, and radiator were some of the big accomplishments. Inside, holes were cut for the shifters and the steering wheel was attached. By the end of the day, there were only a few more things to finish up.

Day Five

With the build almost done, day five saw the bumpers attached, fuel hole cut, and seats installed. A final inspection was done on the entire Bronco to be sure everything was perfect. Then it was time to fire the engine. The celebratory burnout with the Terra Raider MT tires ended the day on a fantastic note.

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