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You can email us at support@tireget.com.

Passenger and Light Truck
We suggest you verify the size you are purchasing matches the tire size installed on your vehicle. This can be done by:

1. Looking on the inside door of the driver’s side at the placard showing the tire size installed on your vehicle.
2. Look in the Owner’s Manual for the tire size.
3. Confirm by looking at the size embossed on the sidewall of your tire:

ATV, Golf Cart and Lawn & Garden Tires
You can find the size of your tire on the sidewall. ATV, Golf Cart and Lawn/Garden tires are most commonly measured by Height x Width x Inner Wheel Diameter.

Industrial / Construction / Forklift Tires
These tire are mostly measured by tire width x wheel diameter. You can find your size on the sidewall of your tire.

Agriculture Farm Tires
Farm Tires are a little tricky. Bias farm is measured by tire width x wheel diameter. Radial farm tires can be measured by the old style which is tire width x wheel diameter and the new metric measurements are width/aspect ratio (height to width ratio sidewall to tread) and wheel diameter (which is in inches). I know… Its kind of confusing, if you need help, call us! We know this stuff. You can find your size on the sidewall of your tire.

RV and Trailer Tires
Sizes are displayed on the sidewall of every tire. We recommend that you replace the same size tire, but keep in mind that you can alternate the ply/load rating to suit your needs and application, but the basic size will stay the same.

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DOT – “Department of Transportation” codes are used to determine when and where your tires were manufactured. The last four digits identify the week and year the tires were made. In this example the tires were made the first week of 2009.

Directional tires have a unique and specific tread design built for high performance. Directional tires have a rotation arrow branded on the tire's sidewall. This arrow indicates in which direction the tire should turn.
Directional tires are to be placed on one side of the vehicle and are intended to be rotated from the front axle to rear axle. Please note: if different tire sizes are used on the front vs. rear axle, the tires become location-specific and prohibit tire rotation unless remounted.

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About Us

Before joining the world of e-commerce in 2019, the team behind TireGet has been in the tire business for over forty years. We're certain we can deliver you an exceptional experience when you purchase your next set of tires through us. We'll work to be your tire source for life!

TireGet is the only e-commerce company which works directly with factories to produce exceptional value for you. Our professional engineers create better products engineered to outperform name brand tires at far lower prices. And, we also have all those name brands.

Shop the brands you know, and please also check out our TireGet brands for a great deal on a better tire. We are dedicated to saving you money and giving you the best tire buying experience possible.

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