Motor Trends "Week To Wheelin'" Recap Featuring Terra Raider MT Tires

Tire Get recently had the opportunity to be the official tire sponsor for Motor Trends and Four Wheeler Magazine's "Week To Wheelin'" vintage Bronco build. The Terra Raider MT tire by Delium was the featured tire that was used.


Tips for Buying Tires Online

An inevitable part of owning a car is that at some point your tires will need to be replaced. If you are in need of new tires for your car, buying them online might be a great option for you. To help this process to go as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips you should follow when buying tires online.


How Much Pressure Can One Tire Take?

Do you know how to check the air pressure in your tires? Do you know how much there should be? It is a potential driving hazard to have underinflated tires on your vehicle, it can also cause increased wear and reduced fuel economy.


The Rundown On Tire Rotation

Tire rotation can often be confused with tire alignment. While both are vital to the life of your tires, they are not the same. Rotation is, well, rotating your tires, usually swapping the front and rear tires to help them wear evenly.


The Truth About Bad Brakes and Their Danger

There are plenty of options in affordable and reliable brakes that you can find on the market, but this isn't something that you can afford to take lightly. The dependable brakes you can find for a relatively good bargain are joined by a sea of cheap aftermarket brakes that are dangerous enough to cause accidents worth several multiples of their asking price.


Fuel Tanks: Can Debris Clog My Tank?

You don't hear about things gunking up the gas tank as much now as you used to. When's the last time you remember worrying about trash clogging up the filter? If your answer is not lately, then that's because technology has evolved in cars just like it has in everything else.


Terra Raider MT makes TireGet the preferred online retailer

TireGet.com has been chosen by Terra Raider MT Tires - by Delium, as the official online retailer for the brand beginning in 2019. TireGet provides all types of tires for both personal and commercial use, bringing quality tires to the consumer who prefers to shop online. The Terra raider brand ...


Will Shifting Into Drive From Reverse Damage A Vehicle?

If a vehicle is moving in reverse and is shifted into drive will it damage the vehicle? If you are the type of driver who prefers a vehicle with an automatic transmission you will note that the vehicle will not shift into reverse or park unless the button is pressed ...


What the Tread on Your Tires Can Tell You About the Condition of Your Vehicle

<p>Most every driver knows that bald tires pose a significant danger and could lead to an accident, especially in inclement weather. But, many don't understand how having a keen eye for the wear patterns on tires can give you a better indication of how well your tires are gripping the ...


Red and Yellow Dots on My Tire: What Do They Mean?

When looking at a tire that is brand new or recently installed, you may notice on the sidewall a pair of yellow and red dots. These dots are placed on the tire by the manufacturer to help guide the proper placement when mounting on the wheel. Two methods exist to ensure that the tires are mounted correctly, the weight method and the uniformity method.