New Tires vs. Used Tires: Are the Savings Worth It?

Budgets are tight and most people do everything they can to save money wherever they can. Choosing used tires instead of new tires is one way of cutting expenses on your vehicles. However, are the savings worth it? There are advantages and disadvantages to both new and used tires.

Advantages and Disadvantages of New Tires

Some people love the look and smell of a freshly mounted set of new tires. That thrill doesn't come with used tires, but that's not really a concrete advantage. A concrete advantage to purchasing new tires is the greater sense of security that comes with your purchase. That sense of security is typically backed up by a warranty. The length of wear of used tires is measurable and predictable. 

On the other hand, you will pay more for new tires, which might not be appealing if those tires are for seasonal or temporary use. Your budget might not allow for the purchase of a new set of tires.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Tires

The main advantage involved in the purchase of used tires is the lower cost. The common advantage of purchasing used tires is related to their seasonal or temporary use. Sometimes the lower cost serves its purpose in saving money until resources are available to purchase new tires or to get you through a specific season. 

However, a major disadvantage of used tires is that you don't know what sort of abuse or conditions to which they were subjected. Safety must be considered because abused or misused tires have a higher potential for a blowout. Most used tires come without a warranty, so they have no measurable or predictable wear time. In reality, you might purchase two to three sets of used tires for more money than what you would have spent for a single set of new tires.

When it comes to saving money on tires, you will need to find a balance between security and predictability of wear and long-term cost. Used tires might save you money, but is it a real, measurable savings given all of the variables involved? For information on how you can save money with your next tire purchase contact TireGet.

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