The Danger of a Tire Bubble

A bubble in your tire is an accident waiting to happen. Unlike minor tread wear, a bubble signifies serious damage has occurred to your tire. When the interior tire lining has been damaged, air is allowed to leak out and create a bubble. The strength of the tire has been compromised, and a blowout could happen at any time. If you spot a bubble on your tire, it is important to take immediate action.

Sidewall Bubble

The sidewall is the most common place for a bubble to occur. The most common reasons for the occurrence are sharp impacts while driving. Collision with a curb, potholes, and road debris are all causes for sidewall tire bubbles. Driving any distance on a flat tire car create a sidewall bubble. Occasionally, a defect in the tire structure is to blame. Inspection of the damaged tire may help determine the cause of the bulge. There are no detectable symptoms of a sidewall bubble, so it is important to periodically check your tires for damage.

Tread Bulge

A tire bulge sometimes occurs in the tread. This damage occurs when a belt that runs beneath the tread is broken. Most often, this damage is easily noticed while driving. A bumping sensation while driving may be an indication that you have a tire bulge. If you notice a tread bulge, it is important to drive only until you can pull over safely to change the tire.

Avoid a Blowout

Any bubble or bulge in a tire is a blowout waiting to happen. A bubble is a sure sign the strong inner structure of the tire is compromised. A blowout at highway speed will likely result in a dangerous accident. There is no temporary fix for a tire bubble. The only repair is an immediate replacement. Using a spare is a temporary solution. A replacement tire should be purchased as soon as possible. It is recommended that tires are replaced at least two at a time for even wear and safety.

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