Tips for Buying New Tires Online

Replacing your tires shouldn't be something you put off. Whether or not you're prepared to take on treacherous road conditions is directly related to the quality of your tires. So when your tire treads start looking shallow, it might be time to replace them.

But how do you know when to replace your tires? You might be thinking there's no way you already need another set. The standard way of checking your tire tread is with a quarter. You should begin looking for a new set of tires if the top of the quarter is at the same level as your tire tread when inserted. 

Monthly tire inspections can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to tires. Check both the treads and the outer wall. You'll want to look for signs that the sidewall is cracked. Cracked sidewalls lead to leaks, or even blowouts. 

So if you've determined it's time to shop for new tires, there are a few things you should definitely consider: 

Do you drive long distances? 

Long-distance drivers are more likely to need tires that are more durable and built for longer commutes. 

What's the weather like? 

Road conditions have the largest impact on what kind of tires you should be driving on. Needing tires that can perform in various conditions will lead you to an all-season tire, built for that kind of use. But if you're covered in snow year-round, you should consider a different kind of tire. 

Know how and where you should shop. 

Buying tires from a reputable place will make you feel confident in your purchase. Salesmen who work on commission make us all uneasy, so try shopping online for tires to avoid all the hassle. 

Though feeling overwhelmed is common when it comes to making decisions about purchasing tires, is ready to assist you! Call our Customer Solutions Center and we can help guide you in the right direction. 

We stock everything from passenger, SUV, ATV to specialty tires and can offer you the convenience of ordering your new tires over the internet. Our website is set up for your convenience, even offering you the option to chat with one of our knowledgeable TireGet Pros.

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