Size: 18X8.50R8
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Product ID: TG-3A3A5033-4685
All seasonAll Season
Load Index: 74 Speed Rating: A3 Load Range: 4 PLY
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Brand Advance
Product ID TG-3A3A5033-4685
UPC Not Specified
Size 18X8.50R8
Width 8.50
Aspect Ratio -
Wheel Diameter 8
Tread & Traction
Pattern GF929
Performance Not Specified
Season All Season
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Safety & Performance
Load Index 74
Speed Rating A3
Load Range 4 PLY
Tread Depth 6/32
Max Load Not Specified
Features benefits

Features and Benefits

Turf Tire
Better Control
Increased Tread Life

The Advance GF929 is an all season tire manufactured for golf carts.

The tire offers excellent all weather traction. The symmetric tread design boosts the dry, wet and winter weather road gripping ability. The tread elements find firm grip in all weather with ease, while the zigzag grooves channel water from below the tire’s footprint. The better traction also enables the tire to not damage the grass during the drive. It ensures a gentle road contact which increases the driving comfort and does not harm the turf.

The tread design features a solid center rib that improves the tire’s controllability. The maintained road contact increases the steering responsiveness and driving stability thanks to the tire’s constant road contact. As a result, the steering is faster and more precise in its response to the driver’s instructions, while the structure is stabilized against the driving pressure. In this manner, the tire is easily controlled in all conditions.

The GF929 ensures a longer tread life. The tread design evenly distributes the driving pressure to prevent irregular tread wear formations and the tire compound is wear-resistant. Their combination ensure a lengthened tread life and tire usability as they guarantee a lengthened slower wearing even tread life.


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