Advantage T/A
Size: 215/55R17
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Product ID: TG-C32EE3A9-4958
All seasonAll Season
Treadlife 60,000 Treadlife
Load Index: 94 Speed Rating: V Load Range: SL
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Brand BFGoodrich
Product ID TG-C32EE3A9-4958
MPN 82042
UPC 86699820426
Size 215/55R17
Width 215
Aspect Ratio 55
Wheel Diameter 17
Tread & Traction
Pattern Advantage T/A
Performance Touring
Season All Season
Treadlife 60,000
Run Flat No
Safety & Performance
Load Index 94
Speed Rating V
Load Range SL
Tread Depth 10/32
Max Load Not Specified
Features benefits

Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
Hydroplaning Resistance
Precise Controllability
Longer Lasting Tread Life

The BFGoodrich Advantage T/A is an all season touring tire made for SUV, crossover and light truck vehicles. This tire comes with a 60,000 mile warranty for V and H speed rated models, and a 70,000 mile warranty for its T speed rated models.

This all season tire offers excellent all weather traction and road grip, even in winter conditions and lower temperatures. The tire is capable of performing in different driving conditions without issue, and this makes it a very versatile tire. The tread pattern helps it avoid hydroplaning situations in deeper water, by dispersing the water away from the footprint of the model. This superb year-round traction enables the tire to perform to its fullest capacity in all seasonal conditions.

The tire provides precise steering responsiveness and it can be controlled with ease. The accurate steering allows the driver to respond to the differing road conditions quickly, while the tire's swift responsiveness makes it effortless to control. The tire's maximized tread road contact during high speed driving offers added strength to the tire, which improves its performance. The remarkable steering and the extra strength make it easy to handle, even at high speeds, which makes the driving experience safer.

The forces of acceleration, braking and cornering are distributed equally along the tire's tread area. This equal distribution allows the tire's tread to wear out evenly, which extends the tread life. The prevention of irregular wear not only forces the tire to wear evenly, but it also slows down the wear rate. The longer lasting tread life allows it to be functional for a longer periods of time, making it more cost efficient.

The H and V speed rated Advantage T/A tires were manufactured using the G-Wedge Technology. This technology stabilizes the sidewall of the tires, which offers extra safety at high speeds, while also reducing the road vibrations felt by the passengers of the vehicle. The reduced vibration levels make the drive more comfortable and enjoyable.


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