All-Terrain T/A KO
Size: 245/70R16
Light Truck
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Product ID: TG-578E7AEC-40F3
All seasonAll Season
All terrainAll Terrain
Load Index: 113/110 Speed Rating: S Load Range: D (8 PLY)
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Brand BFGoodrich
Product ID TG-578E7AEC-40F3
MPN 3219
UPC Not Specified
Size 245/70R16
Width 245
Aspect Ratio 70
Wheel Diameter 16
Tread & Traction
Pattern All-Terrain T/A KO
Performance All Terrain
Season All Season
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Safety & Performance
Load Index 113/110
Speed Rating S
Load Range D (8 PLY)
Tread Depth 16/32
Max Load Not Specified
Features benefits

Features and Benefits

Excellent All Weather Traction
Great All Terrain Performance
Improved Ride Quality
Increased Control And Handling

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO is an all season all terrain tire manufactured for pickup and light trucks.

This all terrain tire model conquers any uneven or loose terrains due to the aggressive tread design. This specially designed tread pattern provides exceptional traction and on-and off-road grip. The tire’s Shoulder Lock upper sidewall generates traction even in an aired-down state, helping this model maneuver in dirt and sand.

This model has excellent all weather traction. It grips the road well during directional driving, cornering and braking as the aggressive tread pattern and siping details enhance it’s all season capabilities. Some sizes of this model are noted with a triple mountain and snowflake symbol, indicating that they are able to handle severe winter conditions.

The tire’s dual tire compound makes it resistant to bruises, such as chipping, cracking or tearing. The sidewalls are manufactured in such a way that they protect the rim from any accidental curb damage. This function truly shines during off-road driving, as the tire enhances its resistance to the damaging hazards often encountered during this type of driving.

The All-Terrain T/A KO’s special Shoulder lock Technology also increases its control. The tire becomes easy to navigate in extreme situations and it helps improve its all weather traction both during on- and off-road driving. The model’s superb TriGard Construction, three polyester cord plies in the sidewall, enhances its steering responsiveness and cornering control, for a safer driving experience. This also provides the tire with extra durability and strength. The tire’s bead construction improves its uniformity and driving quality.

We sell tires up to 2011. This specific tire is from 2016.


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