Rugged Trail T/A
Size: 265/70R17
Light Truck
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Product ID: TG-DCD1AED4-4EFD
All seasonAll Season
All terrainAll Terrain
Load Index: 121/118 Speed Rating: R Load Range: E (10 PLY)



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Brand BFGoodrich
MPN 92139
UPC 86699921390
Size 265/70R17
Width 265
Aspect Ratio 70
Wheel Diameter 17
Tread & Traction
Pattern Rugged Trail T/A
Performance All Terrain
Season All Season
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Safety & Performance
Load Index 121/118
Speed Rating R
Load Range E (10 PLY)
Tread Depth 15/32
Max Load Not Specified
Features benefits

Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
All Terrain Capability
High Speed Driving Capability
Longer Lasting Tread Life

The BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A is an all terrain, all season tire made for SUV and light truck vehicles. The manufacturer offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model.

The tire offers all weather traction and it grips the road well in dry, wet and winter weather. It is rated M+S for its great mud and snow traction. The dual tread compound and tread pattern provide excellent all year round grip, making the tire safer to use in such conditions. The wide grooves lower the chances of hydroplaning by eliminating the water and slush from below the tire footprint.

The model’s aggressive tread and sidewall design enable it to conquer all soft, uneven and loose road surfaces with ease. The tire is able to perform well both on and off-road as its tread design accommodates it. It provides aggressive off-road traction for all terrain driving and a quiet and comfortable drive on concrete surfaces. This makes the tire perfect for drivers looking for versatility in their tires.

The ETEC or Equal TEnsion Containment System was used in the manufacture of the tire. The tire maintains its optimal tire shape during driving, enhancing the safety and performing capability of the tire. This means that the tire keeps its shape and does not deform under the high speed driving pressure, enhancing its high speed driving and cornering ability. This increases the safety the tire offers in all weather and terrains as it maintains its shape against the driving pressure.

The tire offers a quiet and comfortable on-road driving experience. The internal structure features a two-ply polyester carcass and single strand beads that absorbs the shock of driving, reducing the road vibrations felt in the cabin of the vehicle. The computer optimized variable pitch tread lowers the road and pattern noise generated when the tires are in motion. These aspects offer a more enjoyable drive.

The Rugged Trail T/A offers a longer lasting tread life. The dual tire compound and the optimized tire profile manage to evenly distribute the driving pressure across the tread area, which then prevents irregular tread wear. As the wear is even throughout the tire’s life, its usability and life are increased, making the tire more cost-efficient.


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