Dueler H/P Sport AS RFT
Size: 225/60R18
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Product ID: TG-496208D0-48CD
All seasonAll Season
Load Index: 104 Speed Rating: H Load Range: XL



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Brand Bridgestone
Product ID TG-496208D0-48CD
MPN 4743
UPC Not Specified
Size 225/60R18
Width 225
Aspect Ratio 60
Wheel Diameter 18
Tread & Traction
Pattern Dueler H/P Sport AS RFT
Performance Performance
Season All Season
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat Yes
Safety & Performance
Load Index 104
Speed Rating H
Load Range XL
Tread Depth 10/32
Max Load Not Specified
Features benefits

Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
Run Flat Tire Model
Boosted Cornering And Braking
Longer Lasting Tread Life
Resistant To Mechanical Damage
Vibration Free Drive

The Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport AS RFT is a performance and high performance, depending on the speed rating of the specific size, all season tire built for passenger vehicles and SUVs.

The tire is a run flat model. It means that its reinforced internal structure is able to withstand the weight of the vehicle and its passengers for 50 miles up to the speed of 50 mph after air pressure loss. When air pressure leaves the tire due to a puncture or other damage, the tire can still be driven on. This allows the driver to safely arrive at a location where they can change or fix the damaged tire. These tires are made for vehicles without space for a spare tire. They cannot be mixed with regular non-run flat tires on the same vehicle.

The tire has superb all weather traction and road grip, even in winter conditions, due to the high silica-enhanced compound. This innovative tread compound improves wet and winter weather traction. The circumferential and lateral grooves help eliminate water from under the tire’s footprint, resisting hydroplaning and offering a safer drive. The special tread and siping design provide additional biting edges in winter weather and help increase the road grip while maneuvering.

These extra biting edges, along with the computer-optimized symmetric tread pattern, also help improve and maintain the tire’s exceptional performance. The tire grips the road well in all weather conditions and at all speeds. The silica-infused tread is modelled into a symmetrical design to help boost the tire’s cornering, maneuvering and braking abilities in dry and wet weather conditions. The silica compound offers high speed stability as well, further improving the tire’s capabilities.

The tire’s L.L. Carbon construct enhances the tire’s tread wear. This carbon construct and the equally distributed driving force prevent irregular wear and lengthen the tire’s life. Furthermore, the tire is sturdier and is resistant to accidental damages, such as chipping, cracking and tearing through the special long carbon structure.

The Dueler H/P Sport AS RFT’s uniformity is boosted by the continuous cable strand in the bead construction, or O-Bead structure. This offers a vibration free driving experience.


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