Turanza ER33
Size: 245/45R19
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Product ID: TG-29925EDA-4C96
High performanceHigh Performance
Load Index: 98 Speed Rating: Y Load Range: SL



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Brand Bridgestone
Product ID TG-29925EDA-4C96
MPN 3818
UPC 92971254711
Size 245/45R19
Width 245
Aspect Ratio 45
Wheel Diameter 19
Tread & Traction
Pattern Turanza ER33
Performance High Performance
Season Summer
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat Yes
Safety & Performance
Load Index 98
Speed Rating Y
Load Range SL
Tread Depth 8/32
Max Load Not Specified
Features benefits

Features and Benefits

Summer Weather Traction
High Speed Durability
Puncture Resistance
Precise Steering Responsiveness
Reduced Road Noise Levels

The Bridgestone Turanza ER33 is a performance or high performance, summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.

The special tire compound used in the manufacture of this tire provides first-rate summer weather traction. It grips the road well in dry and wet conditions, but it will not perform well in winter. The tire compound loses its traction in the colder winter months, and it is not recommended to use these tires in lower temperatures. The lateral and circumferential grooves in the tread provide resistance to hydroplaning by evacuating water from below the tire footprint.

The tire’s reinforced steel belt construction enhances its durability. The tire maintains its shape during high speed driving and, as it does not deform, the tire is safer to use at such speeds. The reinforced structure of the tire also improves its resistance against accidental punctures. The tire’s tread prevents punctures from happening with its internal reinforcement and it extends the tire’s usability and life.

The great high speed durability is further enhanced with the spiral wrap structure. This provides the tire with better high speed driving stability as is also resists deformation. The performing ability of the tire is improved by the precise steering responsiveness. This swift and accurate steering responsiveness is the result of the maximized road contact patch and it is designed to grip the road better. The tire responds to the commands of the driver with ease, allowing the driver to confidently control the tire in both wet and dry road conditions.

The Turanza ER33’s five rib tread pattern lowers the road noise heard in the cabin of the vehicle by channeling the soundwaves through the footprint of the vehicle. This provides a quiet and comfortable driving experience for the passengers even during the vehicle’s high speed performance.


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