High Country A/T
Size: 225/75R16
Light Truck
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Product ID: TG-F7973478-4501
All seasonAll Season
All terrainAll Terrain
Treadlife 50,000 Treadlife
Load Index: 115/112 Speed Rating: Q Load Range: E (10 PLY)
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Brand Falken
Product ID TG-F7973478-4501
MPN 28216482
UPC 877184005653
Size 225/75R16
Width 225
Aspect Ratio 75
Wheel Diameter 16
Tread & Traction
Pattern High Country A/T
Performance All Terrain
Season All Season
Treadlife 50,000
Run Flat No
Safety & Performance
Load Index 115/112
Speed Rating Q
Load Range E (10 PLY)
Tread Depth 16/32
Max Load Not Specified
Features benefits

Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
All Terrain Traction
Self-Cleaning Tread
Precise Steering Responsiveness
Reduced Road Noise Levels
Vibration Free Drive

The Falken High Country A/T is an all terrain all season model made for SUV and light truck vehicles. Falken offers a 50,000 mile warranty with this model.

The tire provides excellent traction on all terrain surfaces. Thanks to the aggressive four groove tread blocks and dynamic groove pattern, it grips the road surface well in all loose, soft and uneven terrains. The tire is able to conquer all of these roads without much trouble as it maintains its great road gripping ability. The tread pattern cleans itself of mud, snow and ejects rocks that are stuck between the tread element and block the tire from coming into contact with the road. The tire performs just as well on-road as it does off-road, which makes it very versatile.

The model also has great all weather traction and thanks to the five-rib tread pattern it grips the road well in dry, wet and winter weather. It is M+S rated, meaning that it has excellent mud and snow traction and it is able to conquer all weather conditions. The self-cleaning nature of the tread, with its circumferential grooves, disperses mud and water from beneath the tire footprint and offers an increased hydroplaning resistance. The tire is capable of handling all weather conditions on all terrain surfaces, making it safe all year.

The special tread design, with its tapered shoulder tread blocks, improves the tire’s steering and handling. The shoulder tread design grips the road and maintains constant road contact, and by doing so, it enhances the steering responsiveness and accuracy. The tire’s reaction to the driver’s instructions is swift and precise, allowing the driver to confidently control the tire through all weathers and terrains. The better controllability and handling provide great road feedback, further improving the driver’s perception of the changes in the driving conditions and it prevents the tire from wandering away from the indented course.

The High Country A/T offers a quiet and comfortable driving experience. The road and pattern noise heard and the vibrations felt in the cabin of the vehicle are reduced for the enjoyment of the passengers. The phase-shifted random pitch tread design lowers the road noise as it creates sound frequencies that cancel out the noise generated by the tread pattern while the tire is in motion. The aggressive tread pattern helps reduce the road vibrations by absorbing the driving shock on all terrain conditions.


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