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Size: 31X13.50-15
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Product ID: TG-61AB7F3A-4346

The Firestone Turf and Field G2 is an all season tire manufactured for tractors.

The tire promotes great traction with the ideal tread design. The flat footprint features S-shaped tread blocks with an optimal siping detail that increase the grip the model has on the turf and field surface. The grip the tire has on the various terrain surfaces ensures its forward motion both on levelled turf and on hill sides and slopes. This guarantees the tire’s performance throughout its lifetime.

The model is capable of performing without harming the turf and field surface. The optimal traction and the tire’s high flotation decrease the possibility of the tread elements damaging the grass field or causing soil compression. The tread does not cause the chunking and cutting of the grass, while it also does not leave an imprint on the soil. In this manner, the tire enables its turf and field friendly performance.

The Turf and Field G2 improves its durability. The internal structure features a durable nylon-cord body, which actively maintains the tire’s ideal shape. As a result, the tire does not deform under the load and driving pressure affecting the model, while also actively resisting impact damage from harming the tire’s casing. The ideal tire shape and the impact damage prevention guarantee a safer driving experience.

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Features and Benefits

Enhanced Durability
Turf And Field Friendly Drive
Improved Traction


Brand Firestone
Product ID TG-61AB7F3A-4346
MPN 354856
UPC Not Specified
Width 13.50
Aspect Ratio -
Wheel Diameter 15
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 11/32
Pattern Turf And Field G2
Safety & Performance
Performance Not Specified
Season All Season
Load Index 123
Speed Rating A3
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Load Range 8 PLY
Max Load Not Specified


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