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Size: 245/60R20
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Product ID: TG-6A7092FC-49C9

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is an all season touring tire manufactured for SUV and crossover vehicles. Bridgestone offers 55,000 mile tread wear warranty with W speed rated sizes and an 80,000 mile tread wear warranty with T, H and V speed rated sizes of this model.

The tire’s polymer tread slows the tread wear rate down. The reinforced tread wears out slower, while the equally distributed force of acceleration, braking and cornering prevents irregular wear on the tire. These two factors together enhance the tire’s tread life, extending its usability. This makes the tire more cost efficient. The lower rolling resistance of the tire further slows the tread wear down, while making the tire more environmentally friendly. The lessened rolling resistance reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle, so that the tire is both economically and ecologically friendly.

The tire’s excellent steering responsiveness is the result of the constantly maintained road contact, made possible by the continuous center rib of the tread pattern. This is further improved with the reinforced sidewalls of the model offering greater stability. The tire keeps its shape under the driving pressure improving its safety. The more precise and swift steering precision enables the driver to react quicker and more confidently to the differing road conditions, making the tire safer.

This model has great all weather traction, including in light winter weather. It grips the road well in dry, wet and winter conditions and it makes wet weather driving safer. The tread grooves help resist hydroplaning in dangerous situations by eliminating water from below the tire footprint.

The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus offers a quiet and comfortable driving experience as the optimized tread pattern design and sidewall configuration reduce the road noise and vibration levels. The road noise is lowered as the air waves are channeled through the tread, while the tire absorbs the shock of driving, lessening the vibrations felt in the cabin of the vehicle.

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Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
Longer Lasting Tread
Fuel Efficient Tire
Reduced Road Noise
Vibration Free Drive


Brand Bridgestone
Product ID TG-6A7092FC-49C9
MPN 1331
UPC 92971241414
Width 245
Aspect Ratio 60
Wheel Diameter 20
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 11/32
Pattern Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
Safety & Performance
Performance Touring
Season All Season
Load Index 107
Speed Rating H
Treadlife 80,000
Run Flat No
Load Range SL
Max Load Not Specified


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