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Size: 285/60R20
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Product ID: TG-CF85A73E-45AB

The Nankang Conqueror A/T AT-5 is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for light truck vehicles. Nankang offers a 50,000 mile tread wear warranty with this model.

The tire provides exceptional all weather traction, even in severe winter weather. The tire’s silica-based tire compound increases the dry, wet and winter weather road gripping ability and traction, while the tread design’s siping detail finds grip on all road surfaces. The tire received the three mountain peak and snowflake symbol that is given to tires capable of handling the harshest winter weather. The tire is capable of maintaining its all weather traction as the silica-enhanced compound keeps its flexibility in different temperatures.

The model offers a constantly clean footprint. The large voids of the tread design and its staggered tread blocks clean out mud and snow and eject rocks stuck between the tread elements. This prevents stone retention and ensures that the tire’s footprint is not blocked from its contact with the road surface. The wide circumferential grooves actively resist hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from beneath the tire’s footprint. The clean tread area maintains its excellent road contact and enhances the tire’s on- and off-road performance.

The special silica compound and the tread design’s rugged shoulder and serrate sidewall patterns increase the off-road traction. The model is capable of conquering all loose, soft and uneven surfaces by finding firm road grip. The tire’s internal structure and compound further boost the off-road performance. The tire compound is durable and resistant to cuts and chipping, and other off-road damage. The internal structure features a three-ply sidewall that prevents abrasions and increases the impact protection. This is especially useful on uneven road surfaces, and guarantees a safer driving experience.

The Conqueror A/T AT-5 promotes excellent traction with the silica tire compound. It maintains good grip in all weather and ensures a safer driving experience. The compound enhances the road contact, which in turn upgrades the steering responsiveness and driving stability. The tire’s steering becomes quick and precise while the tire’s structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the tire. As a result, the tire is easily controlled and the driver can confidently control it in all weather.

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Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
All Terrain Traction
Self-Cleaning Tread Design
Damage Prevention


Brand Nankang
Product ID TG-CF85A73E-45AB
MPN 22799501
UPC 758823184932
Width 285
Aspect Ratio 60
Wheel Diameter 20
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 17/32
Pattern Conqueror A/T
Safety & Performance
Performance All Terrain
Season All Season
Load Index 125/122
Speed Rating R
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Load Range E (10 PLY)
Max Load Not Specified


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