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Size: 185/60R15
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Product ID: TG-3EA8FFF0-4DAD

The Falken Espia EPZ is a winter tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.

The tire provides great winter weather traction with the specialized tread rigidity, the dual tread pattern and the zig zag siping detail. The tread rigidity maintains excellent road grip in colder dry, wet and winter weather, while the Canyon Sipes Technology increase the ice and snow grip with the complex zig zag siping details. The dual tread pattern features a snow face and an ice face. The part responsible for snow traction provides lateral shoulder grooves that enhance grip on snow covered roads. The side providing ice grip features a wider center tread area and expanded lateral grooves that give additional biting edges for ice. The circumferential grooves upgrade the hydroplaning resistance by evacuating water from below the tire footprint.

The model has first-rate steering responsiveness and driving stability. The high tension carcass and the internal steel belt reinforced structure maintain the tire’s driving stability in any winter conditions. As the tire is able to handle harsher winter weather, its internal reinforced structure improves its winter weather driving by stabilizing the tire shape against the external driving forces affecting it. The better driving stability, along with the high tension carcass and shoulder edge wave sipes, improves the steering responsiveness and accuracy. The tire is quick and precise in its reaction to the instructions of the driver, enabling them to confidently control the tire. The better control makes the tire effortless to handle.

The reinforced steel belt structure of the Espia EPZ and its excellent tread rigidity equally spread the driving pressure across the tread area. The better distribution of the forces of acceleration, cornering and braking prevents irregular wear on the tread. The self-maintenance mechanism used in the manufacture prevents tire aging, weather damage caused by ultra violet rays and rubber bending. This improves the tire’s winter weather performance and extends the tire’s usability. The tire is very cost-efficient thanks to the longer lasting tread life and usability.

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Features and Benefits

Winter Weather Traction
Precise Steering Responsiveness
Longer Lasting Tread Life
Reduced Tire Aging


Brand Falken
Product ID TG-3EA8FFF0-4DAD
MPN 28306516
UPC 877184003925
Width 185
Aspect Ratio 60
Wheel Diameter 15
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth Not Specified
Pattern Espia EPZ
Safety & Performance
Performance Touring
Season Winter
Load Index 84
Speed Rating Q
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Load Range SL
Max Load Not Specified


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