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Size: 215/55R16
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Product ID: TG-17233E05-4CA2

The Falken Azenis PT722 A/S is a high performance all season tire made for passenger vehicles. The manufacturer offers a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty with it.

This model offers a longer lasting tread life. The deep tread grooves, high density casing ply and the unique rib grooves work together to provide an extended tread life. The deep tread grooves improve the mileage by lasting longer. The high density casing ply enhances the tread’s wear resistance. The unique rib grooves enhance the rigidity of the tread and spreads the driving force evenly across the tread area, which prevents irregularities in the tread wear. As the tire’s tread is stronger and it wears evenly, the model offers an extended tire life.

The tire’s shoulders feature tread wear indicators, which show when the tire’s alignment is off and when the tires need to be rotated. If the two parallel tread wear indicators wear in the same fashion, the alignment and the tread wear of the tire is correct. However, if the they are not wearing in the same manner or at the same rate, the vehicle needs to be checked. The tread wear indicators portray the vehicle’s bad alignment in those situations, as the two shoulders of the tire do not mirror each other.

The tire has remarkable all weather traction and, thanks to the tire compound and tread pattern, it grips the road well in dry, wet and winter weather. The tread’s lateral grooves actively resist hydroplaning situations by evacuating water from beneath the tire footprint. The tire is safe to use all year due to the safety it provides in all seasonal conditions.

The internal structure of the tire reinforces its high speed performing capability. The jointless nylon cap and layer and the reinforced steel belts increase the high speed durability. The tire maintains its optimal shape under the driving pressure and forces, and offers safety. The driver is able to bring out the tire’s utmost performing capability in all on-road weather situations.

The Azenis PT722 A/S’s lateral grooves upgrade the driving stability in all weather. This makes the tire safe to use year round and it provides the driver with easier control. The driver is able to handle the tire effortlessly and it will responds to instructions with accuracy.

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Features and Benefits

Tread Wear Indicators
All Weather Traction
High Speed Durability
Excellent Driving Stability


Brand Falken
Product ID TG-17233E05-4CA2
MPN 28222662
UPC Not Specified
Width 215
Aspect Ratio 55
Wheel Diameter 16
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth Not Specified
Pattern Azenis PT722 A/S
Safety & Performance
Performance Touring
Season All Season
Load Index 97
Speed Rating V
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Load Range SL
Max Load Not Specified


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