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Size: 205/60R16
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Product ID: TG-EDCC018F-45D2

The Michelin Defender is an all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. This model offers an 80,000 mile warranty for its V speed rated models, and a 90,000 mile warranty for the H and T speed rated ones.

This model offers excellent all weather traction and it grips the road well, even in light winter conditions. However, the tire is not rated for severe winter conditions and it is not recommended to use in such weather. The all season tire compound and the siping technology used in the tread design make the tire safer to use in all weather conditions: on dry, wet and light winter road surfaces. The tire’s circumferential grooves help disperse water from beneath its footprint and help increase its resistance to dangerous hydroplaning.

This tire was manufactured using Michelin’s Green X Technology. This technology makes the tire eco-friendly as it reduces its rolling resistance. The lowered rolling resistance lessens the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, decreasing the fuel cost per mile. The tire becomes cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The tire’s longer lasting tread life is also partially due to the reduced rolling resistance as it slows down the wear rate of the tread. The tread life also lasts longer thanks to the Max Touch Construction. This technology distributes the force of accelerating, braking and cornering evenly along the tire’s footprint, preventing irregular wear. The tread life is extended as this takes the pressure off the tire.

The model’s wide groove tread pattern enhances the road grip for a safer drive in all weather. The tread pattern, along with the special tire compound, stabilizes the tire at higher speeds and provides excellent controllability. The tread design also increases the tire’s cornering ability and power and shortens its braking distance with its exceptional road grip. This means a safer driving experience.

The Defender provides a comfortable and quiet drive. The Comfort Control Technology lowers the road noise heard in the cabin while also reducing the vibrations felt by the passengers of the vehicle.

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Features and Benefits

All Weather Traction
Hydroplaning Resistance
Fuel Efficient Tire
Longer Lasting Tread Life
Enhanced Maneuvering
Improved Control In All Weather Conditions
Comfortable Drive


Brand Michelin
Product ID TG-EDCC018F-45D2
MPN 5615
UPC Not Specified
Width 205
Aspect Ratio 60
Wheel Diameter 16
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 10/32
Pattern Defender
Safety & Performance
Performance Touring
Season All Season
Load Index 92
Speed Rating T
Treadlife 90,000
Run Flat No
Load Range SL
Max Load Not Specified


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