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Size: 455/40R22.5
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Product ID: TG-D3A96554-4DF7

The Advance GL251T is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. It was made to be mounted on the vehicle’s trailer axle. This tire is NOT MEANT TO BE MOUNTED ON LIGHT TRUCKS, as its construction will not support the weight and performing style of such vehicles. It can ONLY BE MOUNTED ON TRAILERS.

The tire has great durability. The tire’s internal structure is strengthened to improve the load and driving pressure affecting the model. The reinforced construction maintains the optimal tire shape under the driving and load pressure and actively resists the shape’s deformation during the tire’s performance. This not only makes the tire easily controllable, but it also enhances its load carrying and withstanding capability. This upgrades the tire’s performance significantly while it ensures a secure driving experience.

The tread pattern and the optimal tire compound work together to lessen the model’s fuel intake. The ribbed tread design’s even pressure distribution and the compound’s improved traction ease the pressure off the tire and greatly decrease its rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is the external pressure affecting the tire, which determines how much energy the vehicle needs to keep the tires in motion. The lowered rolling resistance reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In this manner, the tire guarantees a fuel efficient driving and towing experience.

The GL251T offers a lengthened tread life and usability. The durable tire compound is wear-resistant, which slows the tread wear rate down while the tires are in motion. The ribbed tread design improves the tread life length by ensuring even pressure distribution along the tread area. The equally circulated forces of acceleration, cornering and braking avoids the formation of irregular wear, extending the tread and service life.

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Features and Benefits

This Product Is Delivered Only To Commerical Address.
Minimum Order Quantity Is 4 (Four) Tires.
Will Not Ship To Residential Address And Will Not Ship Less Than 4 (Four) Tires
Delivery Might Vary (More Than 3 Days) Depending On The Shipping Location.
Enhanced Durability
Fuel Efficient Performance
Longer Lasting Tread Life


Brand Advance
Product ID TG-D3A96554-4DF7
UPC Not Specified
Width 455
Aspect Ratio 40
Wheel Diameter 22.5
Tread & Traction
Tread Depth 17/32
Pattern GL251T
Safety & Performance
Performance Highway
Season All Season
Load Index 160
Speed Rating J
Treadlife Not Specified
Run Flat No
Load Range L (20 PLY)
Max Load Not Specified


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