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Boto brand tires are manufactured in China, with extensive distribution in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Their main area of expertise since inception is Commercial Medium Truck and Bus tires.

Their large volume and global sales means they can manufacture very economically, and deliver incomparable value to North American Fleets, independent Owner-Operators or large scale mines and commercial operations alike. Their products are reliable and can be trusted hour after hour, mile after mile.  For any heavy duty commercial applications, Boto likely has the experience building the tire you need.

Truck, Bus and Trailer Tires

Whether you are an owner operator, or buying for a fleet of trucks, Boto brand has a wide range of truck tires that thousands of fleets across North American swear by for best cost/mile. An example of a popular combination for over the highway rigs is the Boto BT212 is an all position steer tire, BT556 on the drive, and the BT215 on the trailers.