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Maxxis Tires was founded in Taiwan in 1967 and is now one of the world’s most trusted brands for car tires, truck tires, motorcycle tires and ATV tires. Maxxis Tires builds high-quality tires for customers in 180 countries and has dozens of distribution and sales offices in the U.S. and Canada to serve the North American market. Maxxis is dedicated to engineering and developing new technologies to deliver better performance, longer tread-life and the best possible value for their customers. New tire technologies are developed and tested at R&D centers in Asia and in the United States and applied to a wide range of products:

Maxxis Car Tires

  • Maxxis MA-202 tire: good wet and dry road grip for sportier cars and sedans.
  • Maxxis MA-P1 tire: best value and comfortable ride for compacts and economy sedans like Chevy Cruze, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, and Kia Soul.


Maxxis High Performance Tires

  • Maxxis Victra MA-Z4S tire: all-season high performance tires at a low price.
  • Maxxis VR1 tire: extreme summer performance tires.


Maxxis Light Truck, SUV, and Crossover Tires

  • Maxxis Escapade CUV tire: versatile highway tire with long tread-life and all-season traction.
  • Maxxis Razr MT-772 tire: heavy duty mudder tire for any off-road environment.
  • Maxxis Marauder II MA-S1 tire: best value for pickup trucks and SUV drivers that need some off-road traction, but who mainly drive on pavement in mixed weather conditions.


Maxxis Trailer Tires

  • Maxxis ST Radial M8008 tire: long lasting and versatile trailer tire.

Maxxis Tires sponsors race teams in various types of motorsports to test out new rubber compounds and technologies that are then applied to tires that are used on everyday vehicles. Maxxis tires are used in GT racing, rally, drifting, moto-cross and cycle-cross. For winning races, enjoying a Sunday drive on a twisty road, or for a safe daily commute, Maxxis tires offer drivers and riders great performance at a low price. See Maxxis Tires race at the Baja 500 and Baja 1000.

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