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Transporter Tires specialize in a wide variety from lawn and garden, golf and heavy duty tires for work trucks, SUVs, trailers and over-the-highway Class A vehicles. Coming in 2019 and 2020, Transporter will include passenger and Light Truck / SUV-CUV tires.

Transporter tires are designed with durable rubber compounds in the tread to resist wear and abrasion. The casing of the tires are reinforced with extra side-wall plies and material to protect against tire failure due to overloading, or hazards such as curbs and debris found in work sites, city streets, or on back-roads.

Transporter trailer tires are also very durable and an inexpensive tire option for utility or live-stock trailers.

If you are buying tires for a Class A truck, and want an affordable, durable tire, Transporter has several options in all the common standard and low profile 19.5, 22.5 and 24.5-inch sizes.

Overall Specs:

  • Great for everyday and heavy duty hauling
  • Reinforced internal construction and extra plys for heavier vehicles and high GVWR.
  • Tread compounds formatted to combat damage from weather and long term wear
  • Tread patterns optimized for various conditions such as on-highway, all-terrain and extreme mud and off-roading.
  • Long-wearing, reliable trailer tires

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